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UK Embassies Overseas • Ivory Coast (CÔte D’ivoire)

Flag of Cotedivoire

British Embassy, Abidjan


Immeauble Bank of Africa (3rd and 4th Floors)
Angle Avenue Terrasson de Fougeres et Rue Gougas Abidjan-Plateau
Postal Address:
01 BP 2581, Abidjan 01


(225) 20300800 Main/24 hour answerphone
(225) 20300803 Visa/Consular
(225) 20300811 Commercial

Facsimile (Fax)

(225) 20300834 Main
(225) 20300828 Visas
(225) 20300821 Commercial

Office Hours

(GMT) Mon-Thur: 0830-1300 and 1345-1600
Fri: 0830-1300 and 1330-1500

Information Only

The content above is for information purposes only and we have tried to ensure that the information is as accurate as possible. We cannot accept any responsibility for any inconvenience, loss or injury as a result of the information above. You should always check and verify any critical information like visas, health and safety and customs with the relevant authorities before you travel since information can change at any time.