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What can a gap year do for you?

Taking a year out between school or college and higher education or a job can offer you exciting, challenging and valuable opportunities, whether it is in the UK or Overseas. It will no doubt broaden your outlook and your confidence.

Spend your time wisely

There are literally hundreds of opportunities for you to choose from whether it is travelling abroad, volunteering or working within a different environment. Whichever you chose University admission tutors and employers alike do look for this time to have been spent wisely. Our guide to Gap Year Ideas will help you choose the right course or programme.

Gap Year benefits

travelling or working away from home will give you more confidence, maturity and a greater sense of responsibility.

Your enhanced C.V will give you an edge in the marketplace when you begin your job or career search. Your choice of course, job or volunteer work will make a big statement about you. If properly planned, a gap year can say as much, if not more, about you as an individual, as any set of exam results ever can!

How long can programmes/project last?

There are numerous projects/programmes/expeditions that you can participate in. The length of time can vary from a short language course abroad to a full 18 month commitment perhaps teaching in a third world country or using your common sense and working your way around Australia. Many people plan their gap to include a period of work and then travel.

How does our policy benefit you?

It will cover you with up to £5million for any medical emergency and repatriate you back home if needed. You can return to the UK if you need to and after your Back Home visit is over, you can resume your trip with your cover fully endorsed the minute you reach your destination.