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Legal Information for Backpackers

British Consuls

Each year more backpackers set off to explore exotic and remote parts of the world. Most enjoy a trouble free trip. Proper preparation at home and sensible precautions abroad are vital. The main Consulate in any country is part of the Embassy or High Commission which is usually in the capital city. There are often smaller consular offices, including Honorary Consulates, in other cities and towns.

In countries where there is no British Consular Office you can seek help from the Embassies and Consulates of other EU member states.

Before You Go

Avoiding Trouble Spots

Before travelling, take time to find out about your destination. Talk to your travel agent or tour operator about possible risks. Read a good guide book. Check the news for reports of problems in the places you plan to visit. Consult the FCO’s Travel Advice which is regularly updated. Things can change quickly and without warning, and none of these sources are infallible.

When You Are There