Backpacker Travel Insurance

We have pleasure in offering a great specialist travel insurance policy aimed specifically for the backpacker on a gap year. Our policies are available to travellers aged from 18 right up to 65. Travellers with a pre existing medical condition(s) will be givne the opportunity to decalre their condition(s) during the booking process.

Our cover is available from 31 days to 18 months abroad and have divided the world into regions so you only need to pay for the regions you are visiting. Worldwide cover is available so you can travel anywhere in the world as long as the Foreign and Commonwealth Office or other countries Government agencies have not advised against it.

Sports and Activities Included

Our Backpacker Insurance is ideal for the 'adventure' traveller as we a;ready include over 75 sports and activities and offer the option to add cover for further additional sports to your policy. For more details click here - Sports and Activities.

If you are keen on Winter Sports, you can include them within your Long Stay policy. You can find all the details about our additional Ski and Winter Sports activities here - Winter Sports Activities.

What am I covered for?

Here are some of our key benefits -