Gap Year Information

Our policy benefits include • Winter Sports - Fruit/Veg Picking & Entertaining

We have compiled some interesting information you may find valuable. Most people have a great time travelling all over the world, many make life long friends in the process, learn new skills and some gain useful qualifications. Our insurance policy will go some way to giving you peace of mind, the rest is up to you!

‘Gap Year’ traveller is a term that refers to anyone taking an extended trip abroad, our policies will cover anyone up to the age of 65 for a maximum 18 months total trip duration. Also called Backpacking, it is a great way to see the world, experience life in other countries and can include an element of volunteering.

Career breaks are becoming increasingly popular and as more people feel they want to ‘give something back’, the opportunities to offer mentoring to young people abroad have increased.

At we recognise the most important concerns for travellers on long trips and have come up with a policy that offers great cover for all the aspects we need when abroad for a long time.

Our polices can also be upgraded and inlcude cover for Professional Entertaining, a must if you are planning to work on a cruise ship. You will be automatically covered to take part in Fruit or Vegetable picking, as long as it is below 3 meters.

We include over 75 sports and activities as standard with the option to increase your cover to include Winter Sports and Golf Cover.

To help prepare for your gap year or long term stay away from the UK we have compiled a number of useful guides and included useful information regarding illnesses and diseases that you should be aware of. We offer ideas for courses available while you are away and brief Country Information for every country around the world.