Gap Year Courses

For most, a gap year is the only time that a prolonged period of travel will be possible. Some travellers take a gap year before a trip to university or college and for others it comes after a long period of study has finished. A gap year is also referred to as a backpacking trip but that does not mean you have to spend the time with a back pack on your shoulders trekking across ravines

Gap year trips are becoming increasingly popular with people who have taken a break from a career or after a long period of work and also for people who have decided to finish working entirely and feel they have earned the right to see the world. Our policy will cover anyone up to 65 years of age and include cover for medical conditions.

Gap years do not have to be for a year. Our Gap year insurance will cover travellers for up to 18 months. Our list of ideas for gap year travel includes programmes suitable for volunteers, those looking for work placements and for recognised teaching qualifications

We appreciate that you may also want to take some expensive items with you on your trip. Your insurance policy will cover your valuables up to £2,500. There are 75 sports activities included as standard with options to increase this number to an incrediable 150 once an additional premium is paid. You can also add cover for Winter Sports and Golfing.

Here are a few ideas of what to do on your Gap Year: