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How to Make a Claim on your Backpackers Travel Insurance

How to make a claim? - For Policies References Purchased since July 2015

We have appointed Travel Claims Facilities to look after your claim. If you require a claim form please download it on the internet at: Alternatively please advise the section of the insurance on which you want to claim and master policy number and policy reference to: Travel Claims Facilities, PO Box 420, Tonbridge, Kent, TN9 9DE telephone: 0845 3707 133 fax: 0870 620 5001.

Before making a claim you will need to request a claim form. There are four ways to do this.

  1. Produce your insurance certificate confirming you are insured before a claim is admitted.
  2. Give us full details in writing of any incident that may result in a claim under any section of the policy at the earliest possible time.
  3. Provide all necessary information and assistance we may require at your own expense (including where necessary medical certification and details of your National Health number or equivalent and private health insurance).
  4. Pass on to us immediately every writ, summons, legal process or other communication in connection with the claim.
  5. Provide full details of any House Contents and All Risks insurance policies you may have.
  6. Ensure that all claims are notified within 3 months of the incident occurring.
  7. Not abandon any property to us or the claims office.
  8. Not admit liability for any event or offering to make any payment without our prior written consent

It will also be useful if you read the "Making a claim" within the policy wording, pages 18 - 20.

You should then complete the form and return it as soon as possible with all the information and documents requested.

For a list of documments that you will need in order to deal with your claim please refer to our policy wording.

Please remember that it is always advisable to retain copies of all documents before submitting your claim form.

Medical Emergency Assistance

IN CASE OF A SERIOUS EMERGENCY please contact the 24hour emergency assistance service provided by Emergency Assistance Facilities + 44 (0) 845 260 3260 or +44 (0) 1732 85 33 33 Call an ambulance using the local equivalent of a 999 number and then contact Emergency Assistance Facilities to offer you advice.

We strongly suggest you put their telephone number + 44 (0) 845 260 3 260 or +44 (0) 1732 85 33 33 into your mobile phone before you travel so that it is to hand if you need it. Get details of the hospital you are being taken to so that our Emergency Assistance Facilities doctor will be able to obtain a medical report at the earliest possible opportunity.

You may need to pay the policy excess locally and ask the hospital to send the rest of their bills to Travel Claims Facilities at: PO Box 420, Hadlow, Kent, TN9 9DE. Our appointed assistance service, Emergency Assistance Facilities will explain this to them and provide them with a faxed/email confirmation if necessary.