Repatriation Insurance

Repatriation cover is included on all our long stay backpacker policies within the Emergency and Repatriation part of your policy within the medical expenses section.

What is repatriation?

The definition of repatriation is the process of returning a person back to one's place of origin or citizenship which as defined in our policy means your "Home Country" in this case it would be the UK.

When would I require medical repatriation?

This will be decided by the underwriters and their medical advisers. If they think that it would be in your medical interests to bring you back to your home or to a hospital or nursing home in your home country, you will normally be transferred by regular airline or road ambulance.

Where medically necessary in very serious or urgent cases, an air ambulance will be used and your journey back may include a medical escort if considered necessary. This will have been after consultation with the doctors, medical staff and advisors treating the patient.

If it is decided that it will be the best course of action the treating doctor will have to provide a certificate confirming that you are fit to travel. Without this the airline can refuse to carry any sick or injured person.