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UK Embassies Overseas • Korea, Dpr (North Korea)

Flag of Nkorea

British Embassy, Pyongyang


British Embassy
Munsu-dong Diplomatic Compound
Democratic People’s Republic of Korea


(850) 2 381 7980/4 (5 lines) International dialling
(02) 382 7980/2 (3 lines) Local dialling
850 (0)2 381 7993 Out of hours emergency (John Dunne) - international dialling

Facsimile (Fax)

+850 (0)2 381 7985 International dialling
(0)2 382 7984 Local dialling

When calling from outside the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea please note that you can only reach the Embassy on the international numbers. Please also note that the area code for Pyongyang is 02, which must be dialled from elsewhere in the country, and that it is not possible to dial a 381 number from a 382 number, or vice-versa.

Office Hours

Mon-Fri (excluding Wed): 00:00-08:30
Wednesday: 00:00-04:00

Information Only

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